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Laura Chen (b. 1997) is a Dutch image maker and writer based in London, UK. Working within the fields of photography, mixed-media and found or archival material, her multidisciplinary practice associates a fine art and documentary approach where research, implementation and intervention are closely intertwined.

Recurring themes and interests include identity, memory, tactility, the marginalised, disregarded and overlooked - whether in everyday objects or groups of people who live and work on the fringes of society. Fascinated by observing and recording her daily encounters and whereabouts, she uses photography as a catalyst for her imagination, her camera as a tool and device to make sense of the world and the obscurities of the mundane.

In 2022 she was nominated as Foam Talent and Palm* Photo Prize Finalist. Her work has furthermore been featured in and published by Photo London, PhMuseum, British Journal of Photography, PHROOM, Lensculture, Canon, GUP, Life Framer, Refinery29, Aesthetica Magazine, amongst others. She has exhibited at 1014 Gallery London (UK), Open Eye Gallery Liverpool (UK), Midlands Art Centre (UK), Ikon Gallery (UK), Westergas Amsterdam (NL), Keilepand Rotterdam (NL) and Garagem 180 Porto (PT).

She editorially contributes to GUP Magazine, Discarded Magazine, Photomonitor and Mirrored Society, writing feature articles, interviews, portfolios, exhibition and book reviews about contemporary photography.  




Foam Talent.
Palm* Photo Prize Finalist.
EIZO Student Award Finalist.


PhMuseum Women Photographers Grant Shortlist.
British Journal of Photography Edition 365 Award Winner.
The Top 200 PhMuseum's Stories of 2021.
Budapest International Foto Awards Honorable Mention.
PhEST Reunion Calling Winner (PhMuseum). 
BCN Bursary Winner by Multistory.
Galleries Without Walls (Gallery of Photography Ireland) Shortlist.
RPS Postgraduate Bursary 2021/2022 Shortlist.


GUP New Talent.
Life Framer Editor's Pick Humans of the World.
GRAIN BCU Graduate Award.
Canon Student Development Programme organised by Visa Pour l’Image-Perpignan Festival.
EIZO Student Award Shortlist.



Pingyao International Photography Festival, China.
Palm* Photo Prize group exhibition, 1014 Gallery, Dalston, London, UK.
The Unexposed by Canal180 - Garagem 180, Porto, Portugal.
then there was us. Ways of Living, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK.


British Journal of Photography Edition 365 - Virtual Exhibition on New Art City.
FRESH EYES group exhibition and book presentation, Keilepand Rotterdam, NL.
Shutter Hub YEARBOOK.
Ikon for Artists, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK.
Mass Energy Group Photo Exhibition + Zine Project, Bibliotheca, London, UK.


Shutter Hub EVERYDAY DELIGHT (Windows Edition) poster exhibition across the UK.
The Nationwide Degree Show by Fresh Meet.
Birmingham City University Online Graduate Show.
GUP New Dutch Photography Talent group exhibition and book launch, Westergas, Amsterdam, NL.


Sky High Skies, Transpace Gallery at Illinois State University, USA.
Sandwell Pride of Place Project as part of Blast! Photo Festival, Multistory, UK.
Chinese New Year Festival, Birmingham Hippodrome, UK.
The Green Lens group exhibition, EcoBirmingham & Ampersand Projects, Midlands Arts Centre (MAC), UK.


Project Birmingham group exhibition, Medicine Bakery, Birmingham, UK.

Features & Publications

Foam Magazine #61 Talent Issue.
Grandmama's Print.
The Unexposed documentary series | Canal180.
FRESH EYES book Powered by GUP Magazine.
Mass Energy Zine. 
Homing Zine - No Go Press.
Membrana Magazine Vol. 5, no. 1.
Print Magazine Issue 05.
Life Framer My Favorite Shot 'HUMANS OF THE WORLD'.
Musée Magazine
The Pupil Sphere.
Photo London Issue 15.
GUP New book - GUP Magazine & Brinkhof.
Canon 'Encourage' book.
Photograd Zine.
Aesthetica Magazine.
Propellor Magazine (Hélice) Issue #3 "Propaganda".
Midlands Zone #Issue 272.
Life Framer Editor's Pick 'Humans of the World'.
Photograd Feature & Interview.
The Pupil Sphere.
Offspring Photo Meet & Northern Narratives - POSTCARDS FROM COVID.
Photography of China.
MINA Gallery & Cafe.
GUP New.
Float Photo Magazine.
Intern Magazine.
Midlands Zone #Issue 271.
Riffs Journal - Volume 3, Issue #1.


Book Reviews
Paul Guilmoth - 'At Night Gardens Grow' (Mirrored Society)
Jamie Hawkesworth - 'The British Isles' (GUP Magazine)
Josh Kern - 'Räuber' (Discarded Magazine)  
Dora Lionstone - 'Cosmic Stream' (Discarded Magazine)
Rick Schatzberg - 'The Boys' (GUP Magazine)
Fulvio Ventura - 'Sagacity' (GUP Magazine) 
Stephen Gill: A Retrospective (GUP Magazine)
Antony Cairns: 'CTY' (GUP Magazine)
Kíra Krász: 'Squaring each other to fit' (Discarded Magazine)
Vasilis Nikolopoulos: 'Today is my Birthday' (Discarded Magazine)
Siqi Li: 'Empty Nest' (Discarded Magazine)
Exhibition Review
Noémie Goudal / 'Post Atlantica' at Edel Assanti (Photomonitor)
Simon Lehner - 'The mind is a voice, the voice is blind' (GUP Magazine)
Juliana Gómez Quijano - 'The Two Strands' (GUP Magazine)
Wanda Tuerlinckx - 'Androids' (GUP Magazine) 
Colin Delfosse - 'Fulu Act' (GUP Magazine)
Kensuke Koike and Thomas Sauvin - 'No More, No Less' (GUP Magazine)
Weronika Gęsicka - 'Traces' (GUP Magazine)


MA Photography Arts - University of Westminster London (Part Time Postgraduate Scholarship).

BA Photography (First-Class Honours) - Birmingham City University.

Global Photographies Network 2021 - Photobook Production & Publishing programme with Ana Casas Broda from Hydra + Fotografia, Mexico City.

Artist Talks

  • GRAIN Photo Café / SHOUT Festival.
  • BCN Bursary artist event by Multistory.
  • Halesowen College Photography Course.
  • GRAIN Photo Café, Jewellery Quarter.
  • Birmingham City University (BA Hons Photography).


Foam Magazine #61 Talent - 'Words From Dad'

FOAM Talent 2022

𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙐𝙣𝙚𝙭𝙥𝙤𝙨𝙚𝙙 𝙎𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙤𝙣 𝙄𝙄  featuring Laura Chen  /  Canal180.

The Unexposed brings together the work of different photographers, national and international, showing how a new generation of artists is making use of photography to communicate their reality. It all started with a question: can young people have control over their own narrative? Four international photographers answered the challenge in a series premiering in 2019, in partnership with Negative Feedback. "The constructed image" was the motto for the second season, featuring young artists whose work is not only limited to the photographic representation of a reality imposed on them, working imagistically from universes created, altered or subverted by themselves.

FRESH EYES 2021 - Powered by GUP Magazine, distributed by Artibooks.

From 'Killer Queens', the Polaroid series.

Ikon for Artists at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham | 17 - 31 May 2021

GUP New Dutch Photography Talent 2020 at Machinegebouw Westergas, Amsterdam | 6 - 8 December 2019

Encourage book published by Canon and Postcart Edizioni as part of Visa Pour l'Image-Perpignan Festival 2020.

The Green Lens exhibition at the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) Birmingham, UK | 1 Sep - 28 Oct 2018

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