Ignored Itinerary

I started this ongoing series at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Not being able to leave the house for non-essential travel and adventure, I turned the situation into an opportunity to creatively exhaust my local area. I went on many long walks during lockdown. It was the ideal way to clear my mind, by simply focussing on taking pictures; observing my immediate surroundings through a different lens. I discovered some new places where I live in London that I had never seen or been to before, and later on when I was able to travel back to my family home in the Netherlands, revisited some old familiar sights from my childhood. The walks also rekindled my relationship with nature. The calmness I found within organic shapes and landscapes became my primary focus when photographing. Flowers, trees, clouds, animals — they remind me of my own earthly existence, and how I am just one tiny particle in this infinite sea of beings.

The process of taking pictures and the return to nature as a way of escapism became very nurturing and therapeutic. It was, in every sense, a form of preservation; to pay attention to the green environments that we take for granted, as well as our own bodies that function as ecosystems. There is an intrinsic connection between all living things. Through my images, I intend to register the complex relationship of the world entrusted to the flora and fauna. 

The working title refers to my walks with no particular route or destination.

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