Birmingham Improv Festival 2018

26th of October - 3rd of November

A 9 day festival with 22 different improvised shows, based at 2 venues across the city: The Blue Orange Theatre and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.


All the plays, musicals, sketches, drama, cabaret, workshops and comedy, are of course, unscripted!

Acts featured:

Jumprov, Pilot Season: The Improvised ‘Next Big Thing’, The Concept, Box of Frogs, Neil +1, Criminal, Spontaneous Potter, North Coast, Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity Show, Castles in the Air, Bumper Blyton, Impromptu Shakespeare, Fat Penguin, Watch This, Beings, The Kneejerks, Off Broad Street, Lovehard, Foghorn Unscripted, The Society of Strange, Baron Sternlook, Improvised Star Wars, Austentatious, The Showstoppers' Kids Show, Showstopper! The Improvised Musical.

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