'Alice Looks In The Mirror' combines elements of the photographic medium with the art of assemblage/collage.

The work challenges the dominant ideology of male superiority, by tackling issues of ‘gender stereotypes'.

In the 50’s and 60’s, around the ‘Mad Men’ era in America, female features were so powerful that they could force hapless men to buy everything. The mindset of society at that time was not only defining what we would now consider sexism, but also left another mental scar in the minds of women. These scars represent deferring to men, restrictions and the list of made up rules a female should live by, in order to become a lady.

My photo collages are an act of feminism, a take on this ideology in a way that I feel like is the best way to spread the message; to fight for equality, but by not taking it too seriously. To achieve a sense of understanding from both genders in an ironic way. Funny things stick in people’s minds and are easier to take in, as well as to remember. I feel like our current idea of feminism has taken on a different shape, if anything, a different purpose. Feminists’ reputations are being affected by the proportion that doesn’t completely perceive the intended meaning of it — the ones that think they’ll achieve it by forcing their voices and opinions down people’s throats. The ones that don’t fight for gender equality, but instead take it too far by twisting the meaning and trying to make women superior to men, which is exactly the opposite of the true intention.

This body of work takes the Mickey out of this gender stereotype idea and the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's own attributes. The girl named Alice, fulfills a number of narcissistic acts and etiquettes for a lady, such as combing her hair, doing her makeup, looking at herself in the mirror and so on.

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