This month Town Hall Symphony Hall are supporting Birmingham Black History Month. As Instagrammer-in-Residence for THSH, I attended an ‘Afrofuturism’-themed workshop at Birmingham City University by one of the UK's most distinctive and erudite rappers, Juice Aleem.

There was plenty of time to learn and engage with this concept of Afrofuturism, which I had never really explored before. In short, Afrofuturism is the reimagining of a future filled with arts, science and technology seen through a black lens, to celebrate the uniqueness and innovation of black culture. What makes this significantly different from standard science fiction, is that it’s steeped in ancient African traditions and black identity. The workshop involved various introductions to the multi-faceted movement. To conclude the day, we had to create our own vision of the world as we imagine it, by repurposing objects to make art. Some people started drawing, others wrote poems, and I decided to make a collage. In collaboration with the editors of Riffs Journal, an initiative by BCU’s staff and students, all of our work was then compiled into a zine within the space of an hour.

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